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"THE BIGGEST THING I APPRECIATE... is the history of gold coins and reprinting the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights to remind me of what my freedoms are all about." -Kurt B., Clearfield, UT

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Table of Contents

FOREWORD: By Pat Boone

PREFACE: Let's Rediscover Gold!

CHAPTER 1. A Short History of Gold
1.1 Why Gold?
1.2 Substance Over Symbolism
The Folding, Spindling and Mutilating of America's Money System, Legal Plunder, Substance Money, Trust Money, Fiat Money, Virtual Money, Coined Freedom, A New War on an Ancient Drug

CHAPTER 2. Gold: Bullion vs. Rare
2.1 All Gold Is Not Created Equal
Gold Bullion Coins, Technology & Gold, Investment-Grade Gold, Real Wealth... To Go
2.2 Coin Valuation Factors
Condition, Supply and Demand, No Competition, A $68,000 Difference

CHAPTER 3. Introduction to U.S. Rare Coins
3.1 Rare Coin Collecting & Investing
Certification, Grading and Population, Where do Fresh Grade Coins Come From? National and Local Dealers, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value, Rare Gold vs. the S&P
3.2 A Golden Opportunity

CHAPTER 4. U.S. Rare Coin Cycles
4.1 The New Bull Market in Gold
The 10-Year Cycle, Cyclical Volatility, A Millennium Super-Cycle, A Flower in a Forest, Coin Liquidity and Commissions
4.2 Gold: The Price is Right
Sight-Seen & Unseen Coins, Six Steps to Pricing, Golden Discrepancy Trading

CHAPTER 5. The Amazing Story of U.S. Gold Commemoratives
5.1 A Mirror of History
Timeless Treasures, Supply and Demand, Public Appeal, An Insider's Perspective, U.S. Gold Commemorative Scorecard
5.2 Commemorating a Timeless Strategy
The John Jay Pittman Story

CHAPTER 6. Global Economic Trends
6.1 The Next Wave
Wall St.: Investing or Gambling? In Greenspan We Trust? The Big Picture Challenge
6.2 Economic Wild Cards
What’s Going on Here? The Blame Game; Inflationary Trends; Greenspan is Cornered; A Golden Spike; Good Times, Bad Loans; Unlimited Money Supply=Zero Savings;A Confidence Crisis; Ending the Blame Game; Work, Risk & Luck; The Untold Story of Gold; Murphy’s Law; Goldgate: The Gold Derivative Banking Crisis; The GATA Lawsuit

CHAPTER 7. The Swiss America Story
7.1 Rediscovering Gold with Pat Boone
Featuring Pat Boone, Craig Smith, Earl Brown, Dr. Fred Goldstein and the SATC team
7.2 Timeless Values: My Clients Speak Out
Safety, Quality, Reliability, Loyalty
7.3 A Final Word
“Thou Shalt Diversify” (No Whiners Club); The 100% Privacy Factor; Have Fun, Make Money, Rediscover Historic Gold!

I. Historic Quotables
A collection of some of my favorite quotes from America’s Founding Fathers, selected economists and a few notable historic and contemporary leaders
II. Our Founding Documents
The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights
III. Bibliography
Alphabetically by author and topic

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