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BOOK REVIEW OF THE MONTH "Absolutely the best investment book I've ever read! Forget everything you thought you knew about money and investing and be ready to be shocked. A must read! Thanks Craig!!" -JT, Minneapolis, MN

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By Pat Boone

You hold in your hand a simple road map to rediscover gold in the 21st century. For years I’ve followed Craig Smith’s financial road map carefully and my tangible portfolio has grown appreciably.

Wise management of money is one of the greatest needs of our times. Collecting and investing in United States coins offers parents and grandparents a great educational tool - and above-average returns.

In 2001 the American economy began slowing down. Some economists were forecasting a recession or worse, causing many businesses to cut back. But not Craig Smith - he is expanding in 2001!

Craig Smith reminds me of Joseph - a humble yet tenacious man who was given divine understanding of an approaching national crisis. Joseph organized his nation to prepare by storing tangible resources, and during one of the worst economic famines in history, provided the needed grain to feed his nation... and save his loved ones as well.

Craig brings the reader good news about how to hedge your family against any financial circumstance. His number one financial commandment is, “Thou Shalt Diversify Assets.” Follow it!

Ready, set, go for the gold!

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